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Posted in General by Felipe Arimateia Mon Aug 01 2016 18:38:40 GMT+0000 (UTC)·3·Viewed 780 times

Hello! I am creating an experience with bacon to repeat the next day, but the same is repeated several times a day. This can be problem Time Zone?
Ivan Gonzalez
Aug 2, 2016

Hi Felipe!

Please let me know:

OS and OS version of your device.
Also, please send us an email to with your account email, so I can check its current configuration.


Felipe Arimateia
Aug 2, 2016

Hello Ivan!
I'm using a Moto X2 with Android 6.0

Ivan Gonzalez
Aug 4, 2016

Felipe, I'm looking at the config of your experiences. There are 9 experiences:

  • 4 of them are configured to not be shown again after 24 hours / next day.
  • 2 of them after 5 minutes,
  • 1 of them after 1 minute
  • and 2 of them after 1 hour.

Is that what you expected? Could you please tell me what of the experiences have abnormal behavior?
If you want to discuss it privately, send us an email to support. Otherwise please post the info here.

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