• MOCA SDK 3.0.0 now uses AndroidX. If your application does not use AndroidX, you won't be able to use MOCA SDK 3.0+

Language changes

MOCA SDK now uses Java 8 through the Android Gradle Plugin 4.0.0. (It works even in API level versions before 24)

Please check the Installation in order to see how to support it in your application.

Configuration changes

Configuration through the AndroidManifest.xml is now deprecated and will be removed soon. If you configure MOCA SDK through the AndroidManifest.xml, please migrate it to the easier to read and maintain option. More information in the Configuration doc

API Changes

Removed methods

public static void registerGeofenceListener(GeofencingService.Listener listener) 
public static void deregisterGeofenceListener(GeofencingService.Listener listenerToRemove);

Use the new Location Events Listener

Removed method

public static boolean performFetchWithCallback(final MOCACallback<ProximityData> callback, final boolean forceSync);

    public static boolean performFetchWithCallback(final MOCACallback<ProximityData> callback);

You can force a fetch by invoking:


Please note that this method is not necessary for any integration as the data fetching is automatically managed by the SDK. This method is exposed primarily for our companion app MOCApp.

Proximity Events Listener interface

This interface has been replaced by the new Location Events Listener Android Events Listener interface.

Action Listener Interface

The interface has been removed. In order to integrate with custom actions, please refer to the document: Custom experiences handling experiences handling]